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A5 Flyers

Flyers have been a marketing staple for decades – and with good reason. They’re essential for promoting events, advertising sales, drumming up business for store openings and so much more. You don’t have to be a professional designer to get professional results either.

When thinking of getting your flyers created, we recommend these tips:

• Use a headline. This will determine if the rest of your flyer gets read or not – keep it short and snappy.

• Less is more. Choose your words wisely - readers should understand the key message at a glance.

• Tell readers what to do. Do you want them to go to your website? Visit your shop? Give them a call to action and they’ll follow.

• Sweeten the deal. We all love a little something extra, and including a special offer or discount will definitely attract attention.

• Know your audience. Understand who you’re targeting and leave your flyers wherever you might find them.

High Quality 150gsm Gloss Stock

healing touch (gift certificate) PRESS.p

Full Colour One Sided -

1000 - $259

2000 - $285

5000 - $425

Full Colour Double Sided -

1000 - $351

2000 - $378

5000 - $540

All products include FREE Basic Artwork and GST*

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