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A4 Flyers

Flyers have been a marketing staple for decades – and with good reason. They’re essential for promoting events, advertising sales, drumming up business for store openings and so much more.

When thinking of getting your flyers created, we recommend these tips:

• Use a headline. This will determine if the rest of your flyer gets read or not – keep it short and snappy.

• Less is more. Choose your words wisely - readers should understand the key message at a glance.

• Tell readers what to do. Do you want them to go to your website? Visit your shop? Give them a call to action and they’ll follow.

• Sweeten the deal. We all love a little something extra, and including a special offer or discount will definitely attract attention.

• Know your audience. Understand who you’re targeting and leave your flyers wherever you might find them.

• Folded brochures are perfect for counter top stands, presentation folders and hand-outs.


Sizing reference:
A4 = 210 x 297mm

High Quality 150gsm Gloss Stock

Full Colour One Sided -

1000 - $289

2000 - $369

5000 - $599

Full Colour Double Sided -

1000 - $380

2000 - $490

5000 - $670

High Quality 150gsm Gloss Stock
Roll Folded to DL

advantage screens & blinds (DL Roll Fold

       Full Colour Double Sided -

1000 - $456

2000 - $578

3000 - $730

4000 - $899

5000 - $956

All products include FREE Basic Artwork and GST*

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